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How to Learn About the Modem User-Name and Password

How to Learn About the Modem User-Name and Password

A user-name and password must be used to access the management interface of modems. Such user-names and passwords consist of standard phrases like 'admin', as factory-setting. However; these phrases vary from one modem to another. Therefore, it is not likely that can be kept in mind.

If you forget the user-name or password of your modem, there are a few methods to get them back. And now we are going to briefly explain how to acquire these data.

Modem User-Names and Passwords

Standard user-names and passwords are generally written on the user manual provided with your modem and on the label available at the bottom of the modem. You can access the modem management interface using these. However; if you have previously changed your password and cannot remember it, it is not possible to access using these standard codes. You can take the following steps for the standard codes.

The List for Standard User-Names and Passwords

You can use the following list to see the details about the most common modem brands and models around the world. This option will be of help if your modem doesn't have an informing label at the bottom or if you don't have the user manual.

Resetting the Modem

You cannot access the modem interface using the first two methods if you have previously changed the password and cannot remember it. In this case, the single option for you would be to reset the modem, i.e., to return it to factory settings. Before taking this step, you must make sure to note down the information provided by your service operator which is required for connecting to Internet. Otherwise; your Internet connection will be cut after resetting the modem.

The reset button or reset hole available at the back of the modem is used for resetting the modem. The reset button is rarely used in new devices to avoid deletion of data by mistake. However; if it is available, you can push the button for a while or insert a needle to the hole to reset the modem. Once the resetting process has been completed, the user-name and password will be reset as any other information of the modem. At this stage, you can use the above-given list yo acquire the relevant information.

If you are unable to learn about the user-name and password information of your modem despite taking all these steps, you can contact us using the below form.