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How is the Security of Modem and Wireless Network Ensured?

How is the Security of Modem and Wireless Network Ensured?

We need to protect our modems from malware and malicious users as we protect our computers. Because modems can also contain security weaknesses due to software or other simple errors. These security weaknesses might lead to negative consequences such as causing you to be responsible for the crimes committed by malicious persons connecting to your network. You can increase the security of your modem and wireless network with a number of security measures.

Modem Security Measures

Changing the Wireless Network and Modem Passwords

Changing the modem interface and wireless network (Wi-Fi) passwords is the first and most important step to ensure modem and wireless network security. When creating your password, you shall make sure that it contains at least 8 characters involving uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters (hyphens, underscores, dots, etc.). Creating passwords that are hard to guess will also make it harder to be decrypted by brute force or by software.

Changing Encryption Algorithm

If you are using WEP algorithm in your wireless network password, it is very important that you replace it with WPA2. Using a password that is hard to guess together with WPA2 algorithm will significantly improve your security.

Concealing the Wireless Network Name

When the wireless network name, i.e., the SSID is visible, the possibility of decryption of your password by brute force of malicious persons is increased, as well. When the wireless network name is invisible, the wireless network name, prior to the password, must be known to connect to the network.

Activating the Firewall

You can access the firewall setting from the modem management interface ( etc.). While changing from one modem to another, activating this setting will generally ensure basic level of security. You can activate this setting from the firewall section of the security menu at the management interface.

Deactivating the Protocols That Are Not in Use

Deactivating unused protocols such as FTP, TELNET, SNMP, will also improve the security of your modem. You can adjust these settings from the modem management interface.

MAC Address Filtering

You can use MAC address filtering to determine the devices to connect to the Internet via your modem. MAC address filtering will significantly increase the modem and network security, as well.

All these measures will enhance the modem and wireless network security and will take the standard to a level much higher than an ordinary user. Certainly no system is 100% secure, and yet, taking all these measures will give you a largely secure network.