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Modem Passwords

Modem Passwords

You need to know your modem's user-name and password in order to access the modem interface. It is not possible to make any changes in any setting without these data. In the most recent modems, user-names and passwords are generally available at the bottom of the device or on a side label. These data can also be available in the user manual of your modem. However; these data may be needed in outdated devices and in new devices user manuals of which are lost.

If you cannot access your modem using the passwords from the below list, it means the password has been changed. Resetting the modem is the right thing to do in this case. To reset the modem, you just need to insert a needle to the reset button available at the back of your device and hold it there for 15 minutes before releasing. When your modem is reset, all data will return to factory settings. After this step, you can access the modem management interface using the following passwords.

How to Find the Modem User-Name and Password?

The following list presents the details about the brands, models, user-names and passwords most commonly used in our country and around the world. You can find the brand of your modem from the list in order to see the details you need.