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Welcome to Admin Page Information Information is generally used in D-Link and Netgear brand modems and is one of the IP addresses used to access the modem interface just as Using this IP address, you can adjust several settings of your modem. Access

Write on the address line of your browser and click on “Enter”.

When you access the modem homepage, you will be asked to enter your user-name and password data. If you do not know these data, you can use the following list to learn the user-name and password that would match the brand and model of your device.

Once you access the modem management interfacei you can adjust any setting such as DNS, Wireless Network and Firewall.

I Cannot Access Modem Interface

If you are having problems accessing the modem interface, you first need to check the IP address you have written. Users generally mix 0 (zero) and 1 (one) characters with letters O and L. Therefore, IP addresses written as 192.168.O.1 or 192.168.l.l are invalid and you won't be able to access the modem interface. So, you need to first check the accuracy of the IP address you have written. If you are sure that IP address is written correctly, but if you still cannot access the modem interface, the IP address is most probably not You can use the followig list to find the IP address of your device.

Modem User-Names and Passwords

You can choose the brand of your modem from the following list to get the IP address, user-name and password details of all models of the brand.

How to Change the Modem Password?

Changing the password of your modem is very important for its security. So, this is one of the first actions to take once you access the management interface. You just need to go to the password change section available under the "Security" menu. Create your new password on this page and click on the "Save" button. Your password change will come into effect instantly.